1712, 2017

Suicide Bomber Hits Church in Quetta, Pakistan. 8 dead 33 wounded

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A suicide attack on Bethel Memorial Methodist church in the Pakistani city of Quetta has killed at least eight people and wounded 33 others. The attack was carried out by two. The first [...]

1107, 2017

Remembering Christian Colony Gojra Incident 2009- 8th Anniversary

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Pakistani Christians living in the Netherlands will come together on 5th August 2017 at Staphorst to remember the incident of Christian Colony Gojra City, Pakistan. In August 2009 thousands of extremists attacked and destroyed hundreds [...]

808, 2016

We’ll allow none to disrupt peace in Quetta. PM Pakistan

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No veg out time for Pakistan's civil & military administration as another deadly bomb blast rocked the provincial capital of Baluchistan on 8th August leaving 70 dead and 50 plus injured. Monday morning's heinous terrorist attack followed close [...]

1507, 2016

Faisalabad Pakistan: 14 year old Christian girl abducted & her father murdered

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Mehvish Tanveer Gill Tanveer Gill Press Report by daily newspaper, "Daily Khabrain Lahore" For the last 4 months a Christian family in Pakistan's 3rd largest city, Faisalabad is enduring [...]

1107, 2016

Pakistan 10th July 2016: Blasphemy Case Registered Against Another Christian Youth

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Christian residents of Qadir Colony, Sara-e-Alamgeer in District Gujrat are keeping their doors locked due to the fear of being attacked, making frantic efforts to escape the unseen horror behind the lives of their household. [...]