Our main areas of focus are;

1. Networking

We want to bring Pakistani Christians in the diaspora together and unite them in order to raise one clear voice for the Pakistani Christians in their homeland and abroad.

to provide a platform for Pakistan’s Christian leadership to discuss and find solutions for matters of common interest;

We want to stimulate and encourage active Christian political figureheads and groups in Pakistan to unite with an effective voice

2. Advocacy/ lobbying:

Pakistan being a signatory of the Universal Charter of Human Rights and other agreements of Religious Freedom, Minority Rights, etc- is bound to ensure these rights to the Christian Community and recognize them as equal citizens.

It is for a fact that Christians face discrimination on a daily basis and regularly terrorist attacks against the Christian community take place. The Pakistani government struggles to uphold the rule of law and has proven not to be capable of protecting the minorities.

PCPF want to advocate at EU level. In order to address the situation of Christians and Pakistan.

From 1 January 2014 Pakistan benefits from generous tariff preferences (mostly zero duties on two thirds of all product categories) under the so-called GSP+ arrangement aiming to support sustainable development and good governance. In order to maintain GSP+ Pakistan has to keep ratification and effectively implement 27 core international conventions on human and labor right, environmental protection and good governance.
Therefore PCPF wants the EU government to applicate the GSP+ conditions strictly by pointing out to the Pakistani Government their obligation to protect minorities, ensure their equal rights in order to maintain GSP +, and that in case of failing to do so, the GSP+ arrangement needs to be withdrawn.

3. Support

PCPF also aims at supporting and strengthen the Christian community in their homeland. PCPF wants to establish this on the following area’s

– Social area’s; the three E’s


Education is a great engine to personal and community development. Pakistan’s Christian Community which once had the highest education rate & actually led in military and civil services with demand for higher education is on a decline due to social and governmental discriminatory policies. PCPF aims to increase education rate of this community by arranging financial assistance for students and by aiding, establishing and managing educational institutes for Christian students.


Our community could, in several aspects and on several occasions experience discrimination and unequal treatment regarding job, work and business opportunities. Christians are sometimes denied jobs in public & private sectors and they are menial jobs if offered any. The 5% quota reserved for minorities is numerous times always avoided by clever tricks & does not apply to high-ranking jobs. Christians can be are denied promotion, could experience harassment and tried even sometimes forced to convert. PCPF aims to struggle for fair implementation of 5% quota as well as encouraging higher education for Christian Youth to be able to compete for high ranking and influential public and private sector jobs. PCPF will also encourage self-employment among the community through business and agriculture development programs.


In a 90% Muslim majority country the community is needed to be strong believers and guard their faith against all the attractions, influence and pressure that comes from majority community. Forced to study Islamic studies as a compulsory subject, a Christian student is bound to read all the material which is against the core values of his religion, might praises Islam and might contain derogatory texts towards minorities such as Christianity. PCPF aims to activate the family and the Church to realize its Christian duty of sowing the seed of faith strongly and deeply into the hearts of their new generations so that the outside pressure will not influence them. The ultimate goal is to engineer the lives of Christian youth to learn and practice Christian values of love, peace, forgiveness, friendship, justice, charity, human service ,etc

– Leadership Trainings

PCPF believes that real and long-lasting solutions to local problems can come only from local leaders. Therefore PCPF aims to prepare local leadership at all levels i.e. youth, women, community, church, etc. to address the present and prepare for the future challenges faced by this community. PCPF will encourage and promote dialogue and cooperation between groups, organizations, parties and individuals to discuss and develop schemes for the benefit of the communities in Pakistan.

– Political Unity:

In a truly democratic society it is of vital importance to have your say in the affairs of the state and in the matters and policies affecting your community. In the present electorate system, Pakistan’s Christian Community has reservations about its representation and often lack voice in the parliament. PCPF aims to promote political change in Pakistan, which enables fair and equal representation on governmental level for Christians and other minorities. Looking at the effective role of the Christian parties in Western Parliaments, PCPF aims to increase cooperation and dialogue among Christian communities and their political leaders and to stand united on their common issues and support each other. PCPF will also train new leaders for a better and broader understanding of national, regional and global matters.