Blasphemy (1)

Christian residents of Qadir Colony, Sara-e-Alamgeer in District Gujrat are keeping their doors locked due to the fear of being attacked, making frantic efforts to escape the unseen horror behind the lives of their household. They wonder where to find refuge from the looming threat of Islamic Vigilantes who stand above the law and possess the power to hurl them into same fate as of headmaster Naimat Ahmer, Pastor Rashid & Sajjid Emmanuel or Shahzad Masih & Shamma Bibi. They were all murdered.

The present trepidation has appeared in the wake of a Blasphemy accusation against a Christian Youth named Nadeem James. He had a minor dispute with a Muslim that ended up in a serious accusation and a life threat. On Sunday 10th July the City Police of Sara-e-Alamgeer of Pakistan’s Punjab province sealed Nadeem’s fate by registering FIR # 301/16 under Pakistan Penal Code Section 295-C accusing him of insulting the prophet Muhammad. Fearing the worst, the accused had already fled. Later the police arrested his two sisters named, Najma Faryad and Samreen Shahbaz. According to reports the police are using methods of severe insult and torture to pressurize the sisters, demanding from them to disclose the whereabouts of their brother and help in his arrest. Local Muslims are threatening that houses of Christians will go up in flames if they fail to handover the accused to the police.

Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law is seriously criticized as it undermines religious freedom and human rights. Since obtruded the Draconian legislation has given a reason to Pakistani extremists to persecute Christians and other religious minorities.