Quetta Blast 8th AugNo veg out time for Pakistan’s civil & military administration as another deadly bomb blast rocked the provincial capital of Baluchistan on 8th August leaving 70 dead and 50 plus injured. Monday morning’s heinous terrorist attack followed close on the heals of the target killing of Bilal Anwer Qassi, president Baluchistan Bar Association. The suicide bomber targeted the lawyers present at Civil Hospital Quetta to receive the dead body of their president. Daesh militant group has claimed responsibility.

Thousands of precious lives of civilians and security agencies have been sacrificed in the last few decades to curb terrorism.  The crux of the problem maybe Pakistan’s inability to completely control the non-state actors like religious parties and elements who support Jihadi organizations.

Even all the political parties aren’t united in declaring them illegal warriors and undemocratic forces. Some even support those who attack and kill Pakistan army-men and hold funeral prayers for the warriors of TTP. An aid of $2 .86 million by the provincial government of KPK in June 2016 to Darul Uloom Haqqania also mirrors Pakistani leadership’s weak political will. Pictured in the post, the aid receiving Madrassa has long been dubbed as, “University of Jihad” and associated with Taliban, Haqqani Network and Al Qaeda leadership. Religious minorities are grieved that their funds were cut to donate this amount.

By the order of the Military Chief a special combing operation across the country is waiting in the wings. Also the PM is making a pledge to allow none to disrupt peace. This can be bring hope but relation with India is also an unignorable fact. It’s already tense because of present situation in Kashmir. Any careless blaming without proper investigation can further damage it.

PCPF strongly condemns this butchery and invite democratic forces across the globe to unite against terrorism. Human blood has the same red colour whether it is spilt in Paris or Brussels or Quetta. The world should unite against all terrorists in all conscience and defeat them as every nation’s personal goal.  Pakistan should also stop making distinction between good or bad Taliban. A terrorist is a terrorist anyway. Pakistan is a front line state against terrorism and this war will shape the course of world peace.

Darul Uloom Haqqania KPK