Pakistan Christian Political Foundation

Contact information:
Pakistan Christian Political Foundation
Hoofdwal 111
4207EC Gorinchem
The Netherlands

Fiscal number:
8563 44 254

The Management board consists of:

  • Peter Bronsveld (chairman)
  • Elisabeth Jansen (secretary)
  • Albert Koop (treasury)

Policy plan:
Our Policy Plan involves our mission and goal, which can be seen under ‘Why PCPF?’, ‘Mission‘ and ‘Method‘.

The Management Board directs all the activities of PCPF and makes sure that all gifts are used for PCPF’s purposes. The Management Board does not get a remuneration for their activities.  Only expenses will be reimbursed to the Management Board members on production of the necessary proof.

PCPF’s activities
The activities of PCPF are published on the homepage of this website.

Financial report
The financial report over 2017 will be published at the beginning of 2018.