The founders of the foundation are concerned about the plight of the Pakistani Christian community in Pakistan.

We want to make the world aware that Christians in Pakistan – in spite of the fact that Pakistan is signatory of the Universal Charter of Human Rights and other agreements of Religious Freedom, Minority Rights, etc- experience inequality and discrimination by the constitution & the society. . By creating awareness and addressing specific issues which Christians in Pakistan face, we wish to influence the Pakistani internal policies, laws and reality as well as foreign policies of countries in their relations with Pakistan.

We want to help improve their situation by highlighting in a neutral & factual manner, the problems which Pakistani Christians might encounter regarding Persecution, Religious Freedom, Discrimination, Forced Conversions, Security of Christian Property (Prayer Places, Health & Education Institutes, and Neighborhoods), Personal & Family Laws, Fair Census, Constitutional & Legal Matters, Defense of the accused with Blasphemy Charges & assistance to the family and other inequities.

We also focus on the situations of their Economy, Education, Spiritual Life, Health & Hygiene, Facilities for Sports & Music, Interfaith and Intercommunity Relations, etc. in order to improve the general living conditions of Christians in Pakistan. This will subsequently enhance their status in society and will help diminish the vulnerability of this group to abuse, discrimination and mistreatment.

Due to persecution, discrimination, torture, threat to faith, life & property, unfair laws & policies: some Christians decide to is fleeing from the land which belonged to them even before the arrival of Islam in Pakistan & India. A small number of them are lucky enough to find a safe haven in the west but majority, due to visa restrictions & travel expenses, end up in Thailand, Malaysia & Sri Lanka. There some experience great adversity due to the lack of legal status, recognition and support.

By encouraging/stimulating the government of Pakistan to ensure equal status & rights, implementing the body of thought of founding father Ali Jinnah the world can help stop exodus of Christian community and help creation of a peaceful democratic global society. With the forceful presence of ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban & hundreds of small but effectively operational extremist militant groups and already increased number of attacks on Christian population we see an urgency in empowering the Pakistani Christians and influencing Pakistani society in order to avoid situations like Syria and Iraq, whil simultaneously blocking export of global terrorism from Pakistan & Afghanistan Region.

[Brug zijn tussen andere landen en pakistan]

In the words of Martin Luther King Jr, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inascapable netwrok of mutuality tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly.“

We also work for overseas Pakistani Christians to resettle legally, find work & pay taxes, improve relations with their communities & churches, etc.